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From "Grugnog" <grugnog@tao.ca>
Date Tue, 26 Oct 1999 16:39:48 +0100
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These seems to be quite a diversity of potential actions surrounding this (both
on, and off line)
- Grug

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Want to help Campaign Against Arms Trade?  In front of a computer?
Read on...

Call for Electronic Civil Disobedience - Wednesday
27th October 1999
Resident in Belgium for around 15 years (until being
kicked out by the Belgium Parliament in 1997 for being
"politically and ethically undesirable"), Technet 99
(also known as AFCEA) is the high tech arms fair.  If
youre looking for tanks and guns you will be
disappointed - what you will find instead is a
showcase for 21st century warfare - computer and
intelligence systems, electronics and satellite
communications etc. etc.  These will be available to
the highest bidder, and used against those whose aims
run contrary to those of the buyer, be they of the
same or other nations.  Technet 99 has moved to London
in the hope of an easy ride, and for a venue where it
can continue to deal in death without hindrance.
There is however, an alternative...

Technet 99 has got to go!
With this in mind, you are invited to a virtual sit-in
of a web site closely linked to Technet 99 on
Wednesday 27th October.  To join the sit-in and
prevent the target web-site from functioning, please
make your way to
htttp://<http://www.caat.demon.co.uk/>www.caat.demon.co.uk  and
follow the simple instructions.  You can use your
web-browser to easily join or leave the virtual sit-in
at any time.

The virtual sit-in uses Electronic Disturbance
Theatres Floodnet software to flood the target
web-site with requests for information. As more people
join the action, the target server becomes unable to
deal with the volume of requests. This results in any
genuine requests for information (to do with running
the arms fair or related business) going unanswered.
You can also use the floodnet software to tell the
AFCEA website controllers why you are taking part in
the virtual sit-in.

You can use your web-browser to easily join or leave
the virtual sit-in at any time. Please consider
leaving your browser in the virtual sit-in area while
you get on with other work - the longer you take part
in the virtual sit-in the more effective it will be.

Other actions you can take against Technet 99
In order to function effectively, people inside the
arms fair must be able to communicate with the outside
world.  With this in mind, a communication blockade
(phone, fax, and e-mail) of the hotel which is hosting
Technet 99 is taking place all day on Wednesday 27th
October - people throughout the UK and hopefully the
rest of the world will be getting touch with the hotel
to ask them to close Technet 99.  The relevant details
are shown below:

Virtual sit-in (all day, Wed. 27th October):

Phone and fax blockade (all day Wed. 27th October):
Tel: 0181 8976363
Fax: 0181 8971113

See <http://www.afcea.org/>http://www.afcea.org for sites crying out for
creative alterations.  Please report any successes
(including altered pages as attachments) to pages@caat.demon.co.uk

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