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Date Mon, 25 Oct 1999 10:11:01 -0400
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Replicant wrote:
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> Chuck0 wrote:
> >[News sources]
> I just got this from a friend in Texas:
> >Hilarious mention of "Jam Echelon Day" on a local newscast; I can't
> >begin to convey the sarcasm dripping from the woman's voice, but anyway
> >she starts with "Today, a hoax is being circulated on the Internet
> >(first off, it was YESTERDAY the 21st) that the GOVERNMENT actually
> >has software that can SPY on your EMAIL for words like 'revolution'
> >and 'manifesto', and some people are trying to send enough EMAIL SPAM
> >to CLOG this SO-CALLED 'Echelon' SPY SOFTWARE..."  (I can't show you
> >the Clintonesque-hand-gesturing-plus-Stepin-Fetchit-eye-popping NLP
> >techniques that accompanied this nice piece of work either, but oh
> >well.)  The best part was at the end where she explained that the
> >NSA and the US government are PROHIBITED BY LAW from spying on American
> >citizens.  Heh...makes you feel better to know that, right?
> -R.

It may not accomplish anything, but how about emailing her some links
with information about Echelon? 

It's amazing how ignorant Americans really are about what their
government does. Given their cynicism about government in general, you
would think they'd be more educated about these things.


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