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Date Mon, 25 Oct 1999 02:50:06 -0700 (PDT)

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Chuck0 wrote:
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I just got this from a friend in Texas:

>Hilarious mention of "Jam Echelon Day" on a local newscast; I can't 
>begin to convey the sarcasm dripping from the woman's voice, but anyway 
>she starts with "Today, a hoax is being circulated on the Internet 
>(first off, it was YESTERDAY the 21st) that the GOVERNMENT actually 
>has software that can SPY on your EMAIL for words like 'revolution' 
>and 'manifesto', and some people are trying to send enough EMAIL SPAM 
>to CLOG this SO-CALLED 'Echelon' SPY SOFTWARE..."  (I can't show you 
>the Clintonesque-hand-gesturing-plus-Stepin-Fetchit-eye-popping NLP 
>techniques that accompanied this nice piece of work either, but oh 
>well.)  The best part was at the end where she explained that the 
>NSA and the US government are PROHIBITED BY LAW from spying on American 
>citizens.  Heh...makes you feel better to know that, right?  


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