FWD: Jam Hacktivism Day - complete Success

From stephen dixon <stib@start.com.au>
Date Fri, 22 Oct 99 11:11:00 AM

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Hey I've changed my mind about this echelon thing, during the course
of going through my inbox. I wouldn't have credited "hacktivists" with
such a blatant disregard for the usual standards of netiquette: Spam!
and lots of it too! 

Breeding distrust between folk is a great way of ensuring that they
won't be able to collectivise and cooperate amongst 'emselves. Instead
they spend their time chasing conspiracies, furtively trying to
disguise their actions and fighting imaginary foes. Openness and
honesty is much much more dangerous.

To quote a corny sig-file joke: "Conspiracy theories are just a plot
to distract us from whats REALLY going on"


>FROM: shadowy Iluminati Operative #8479048
>TO: Militaryindustrial überlord #837987
>CLASSIFIED: For Inner Sanctum members only
>Your Holiness
>I am pleased to report that the spam strike against the 
>Hactivists was a complete success.
>The idea of getting hactivists to voluntarily waste  millions of 
>otherwise fruitful activist person-hours compiling lists of 
>"keywords" and reams of purple lefty revenge fantasy prose, and 
>then jamming their own networks with endlessly quoted copies was 
>indeed worthy of an evil genius such as your self.
>I trust that the usual "package" will be forwarded to me as soon 
>as possible.. Thank you, your worship.

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