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Date Thu, 21 Oct 1999 23:09:39 -0400
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stephen dixon wrote:
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> Gday
> Hey I've changed my mind about this echelon thing, during the course
> of going through my inbox. I wouldn't have credited "hacktivists" with
> such a blatant disregard for the usual standards of netiquette: Spam!
> and lots of it too!
> Breeding distrust between folk is a great way of ensuring that they
> won't be able to collectivise and cooperate amongst 'emselves. Instead
> they spend their time chasing conspiracies, furtively trying to
> disguise their actions and fighting imaginary foes. Openness and
> honesty is much much more dangerous.

If we purport to advocate a different way of life than the one run by
the security and secrecy-obsessed states, we need to act in a way that
doesn't use their tactics.

> To quote a corny sig-file joke: "Conspiracy theories are just a plot
> to distract us from whats REALLY going on"

I agree. I've alway thought that conspiracy theories are for those who
spend too much time living in the past. As Noam Chomsky has pointed out
numerous times, you don't need to believe in conspiracies to uncover
this stuff. It's in plain sight. It's just a matter of educating
everybody else so they see the shit too.

In a small way, even though we can argue about it, the Jam Echelon Day
did put this global surveillance issue into the major media.

Hey, the Hactivism page at TAO was depicted on FOX News.


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