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> http://www.smh.com.au/news/9910/04/national/national10.html
> Australian Stock Exchange foils US hackers
> Sydney Morning Herald 04-Oct-99
> Computer hackers from a United States military installation tried to
> into the Australian Stock Exchange's database, its managing director, Mr
> Richard Humphry, said yesterday.
> Mr Humphry said authorities were notified after the hackers from the US
> military installation tried to break into the site and "broke into
> site to achieve that objective".
> "We were able to trace that back to another country and to an
> that was associated with military activities and accordingly we contacted
> the Defence Department and asked that they advise us of the likelihood
> this country was attempting some form of attempted break into our
> database," Mr Humphry told the Nine Network's Business Sunday program.
> He said he had received an assurance that there was no possibility of the
> attack being an official attempt to breach the ASX's security
> Business Sunday said it understood the attempt came from an air base in a
> western US State.
> Mr Humphry said he took the attempt seriously.
> "I wrote to the Secretary of Defence about it, and asked him to contact
> defence and signals division to advise me," he said.
> He said another serious attack came from Victoria.
> Mr Humphry said on this occasion the Australian Federal Police were
> "The Federal Police did not lay charges because they have to actually
> people in the act. But again the attempts ceased immediately," he said.
> It was difficult to prosecute suspects under existing laws and he had
> the Federal Government to improve the system.
> "I've written to the Attorney-General about that. There is a definite
> for an upgrading of our legislation to allow for the capacity to both
> properly trace calls and to prosecute electronic penetration if it's
> illegal," he said.
> Mr Humphry said the Government had acknowledged there was a need to
> laws but said he had yet to receive any advice of action being taken.
> Of the "plenty of attacks" on the ASX computer system, Mr Humphry said
> had been successful, with "amateurs trying fairly frequently".
> "We build multi-layered firewalls," he said of the ASX security strategy.
> The hackers had not been able to pass "through the first wall".
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