Re: Internetworking and the Threat of Democracy by Dave Neal

From Philipp <>
Date Thu, 14 Oct 1999 10:44:02 +0200
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Generally i agree to the tenor of the article, but have to complain about

The Man in the Middle

> In earlier, safer times, you had to rely on the trusted Massive Media to
> deliver you the information, which they gathered for you, and sold to
> you: now, with the Internet, you can look on your own, taking the
> middleman out entirely, going straight to the source, and it's almost
> free! Imagine if the Sandinistas had put out a Web page!

Thats only partly true. For example:
I really donŽt know what is going on in Pakistan at the moment. And there is

way to find information about it without using "middlemen". There is no
between Televison reports or Internet Reports. The only way would be someone

reliable in Pakistan (=would be a man in the middle, too), but in poor
countries like
Pakistan its hard to find people with internet access.

I have to apologize about my english. I hope youŽll be able to understand
my point of view.



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