Mumia's death warrant signed + J18 Political Prisoner

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Date Wed, 13 Oct 1999 23:11:19 -0700

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hi all-
just a quick note to report on Rob Thaxton's sentencing this morning. He got the max, as expected in this town where anarchists are public enemy #1, and the masses are too stoned or blissed out on organic coffee to back up the uprising. 88 months (6 years) in the state pen, in the farthest reaches of the state,making it really hard to go visit him.

They are hellbent on intimidating people out of daring to revolt, and rob is their poster child- Anarchy magazine writer, dark skinned (the pig who he pegged was a notorious racist), etc...even with no prior record of violence, and basically disowning violence as a tactic in court, the judge sentenced him by the "Mandatory Minimum" guidelines, which she could have exempted him from if she believed he was some random kid that got swept up.

anyway, we'll be circulating his address very soon. he's an amazing writer and loves correspondence and will definitely keep writing and publishing. you can write me back next week for the address.

On top of all this, Mumia Abu Jamal's death warrant was signed (again) today. There's an appeal in process but we've already been through it once and the Supreme Court just turned down one of his final appeals. Execution's set for December 2.

======================================================================While the Apache death song recognizes death and its inevitability, it is significant that Geronimo's did not.
His last words -- singing on his death bed, 
O Ha Le 
 O Ha Le 
  I am waiting for the change!
       Some Apaches say he never surrendered.  Not even to death.

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