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From "Grugnog" <grugnog@tao.ca>
Date Wed, 13 Oct 1999 20:48:29 +0100
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An interesting/strange idea - get something normally considered 'lame' by
various groups - wrap it up as art. Do you make people think?
How does this affect the people who consider it 'lame' (e.g. FAST or '31137'
hackers) and the people who have never even heard of it (outsiders).
Personally I think something like this (although original) needs a lot more
wrapping up before it challanges anything whatsoever.
- Grug

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[ Installation Art ]

Installation Art is a project that tries to combine the natural artistic
talents of the online underground and the technology of the ICAs New Media

Warez, (otherwise know as unlicensed software) have been used from the
begining of the micro computer revolution as a means of creating dynamic
and diverse communities and as a way of unofficial arts distribution. Much
early computer art was created and distributed by the burgening computer
underground before the mainstream art movement had even conceived of the
digital artisan.

This projects seeks to recreate the halcyon days of computer art by
creating and facilitating a modern day warez server and letting the now
extensive online public enjoy what was only available to the obsessed but
massively creative computer fanatics of the eighties and early nineties.

We hope you'll participate in this online arts event by uploading and
downloading software, creating our own virtual warez based community and
also we hope, sparking some of the creative genius that started with the
unsung hackers and slackers of the microcomputer revolution.

pc8.newmediacentre.com      login: ftp     password: joshua

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