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Grugnog wrote:

> Bryant added that the Web is a particular area of threat, since it allows
> relatively anonymous groups to organize their activities in a major way.
> Other abuses of the Web, he said, include cyber-espionage and "denial of
> service" attacks. Because of this, he said, businesses need to plan more
> meticulously to stay ahead of the threats and address all issues associated
> with open access to the Internet.

This is really amusing. "Other abuses of the web..."? Since when did the
corporate world become arbiter of the "proper uses" of the web?

I'd like to see businesses "address all issues associated with open
access to the Internet" including the use of copyright and trademark
laws to squelch free speech an criticism of capitalism. That would be an
especially cold day in hell.

Tonight I'm going to send to this list a really excellent article by an
anarchist writer that speaks to these things. It was written two years
ago for my zine "Practical Anarchy" and I'm just now getting it online.
It's called "Internetworking and the threat of democracy."

Stay tuned.


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