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>Sounds like a good idea.  It seems to me that a hacktivism action, or series 
>of actions, needs a target.  If so, we need to determine which 
>organization/s are most responsible for the secrecy and/or misleading PR.  
>In other words, who is a major source of the smoothing over of the issues in 
>East Timor?
>The IMF would seem to qualify.

Sure - the IMF and the World Bank ... Also, what sleazy deals Oz, US,
Canada and other countries are making with Indonesian regime, over East Timor.

In a recent article, documents were revealed that Australian Govt knew that
Indonesia was basically arming the militia who massacred the East Timorese.
More outings  of classified documents would help reveal the truth and
motivations of certain nations. 

But perhaps we'll all need to wait for FoI in 30 years time - by which time
that concent - ie freedom of information - will most likely be lost and
long forgotten.

- Sam.

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