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From Bronc Buster <>
Date Sun, 10 Oct 1999 19:44:05 -0400 (EDT)
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Another voice of reason.

I suggest everyone take a look at what Pete wrote again, and then look at
the posts in your mail boxs. Maybe this list needs to be changed to the
Robert Kemp Jam Echelon mailing list.

There is plenty to talk about out there with what is happening everyday
that I think would be excellent threads for this list, but whenever
anything pops up on this list, it's drowned out by one or two people. The
same one or two people.

I vote for moderation.

On Sun, 10 Oct 1999, pete wrote:

> [: hacktivism :]
> > are to be expected to have leaks so we should consider that this list best 
> > functions for media events, electronic sit-ins, etc.
> As somebody who came here to discuss the social implications of using
> technology to create real change (ie not filling up the automatically
> deleted logs of some web server with angry page requests) I am
> disappointed that the folks dominating this list think this is a
> progressive route to take.
> So far all we've created is a new distribution point for press releases
> most of us receive on other lists. I don't personally think that Jam
> Echelon day will do much beyond generating attention for more press
> releases, although this seems to be your intent so I wish you the best of
> luck.
> I used to think I was a hacktivist by virtue of being somebody whose
> activism and use of tech is intrinsically tied. However, if hacktivism is
> what is happening on this list, I suppose that I'm not a hacktivist, and
> that the old saying "Define yourself by your actions, not by your -ism's"
> holds very true.
> Who knows, perhaps the revolution will be encapsulated in a series of
> naughty words encapsulated in press releases - but I don't think so.
> Pete
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