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From "Robert Kemp" <>
Date Sun, 10 Oct 1999 11:35:51 EDT

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From: Grugnog <>

If people want a separation of news, discussion (and perhaps
organisation and decision making) then perhaps we should consider creating 
other moderated lists for this purpose.
- Grug


1. the what [what actions have gone on, what are going on now, and ideas for 

2. the why [opinions with the striving for consensus, not for the hacktivism 
community in general as we are not to say but for the list]

3. the how

it seems to me that the first two are rather inseparable and possibly the 
third.  remember, we are not on a hacking list as hacking is best done by an 
individual or a small group to maintain privacy.  large efforts [the list 
has at least 263 members and i'd warrant most do not even use encryption] 
are to be expected to have leaks so we should consider that this list best 
functions for media events, electronic sit-ins, etc.

i am with grugnog on this.

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