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do you know the situation with east timor? ... after the indonesian
military destroyed the place and killed many tens of thousands of people -
a rebuild is about to commence.

now, this rebuild is probably going to be top-down - ie.
world-bank/imf/us/un led. and the rebuild process will for sure be hidden -
kept behind closed doors.

an excerpt from a recent article:

>The Australians can now stand back; other, more senior, deputy sheriffs are
>on the way. This week, a World Bank team arrives in Dili and the
>International Monetary Fund will follow soon. Unless Xanana Gusmao and his
>East Timorese leadership are both deft and bold, the freedom for which their
>people struggled alone for so long may be quietly lost and their devastated
>country, slotted neatly into the globalised system of exploitation, debt and
>poverty, known as "stability". They deserve a great deal more.

so, how about some hacktivism to ensure that this process is more in the
public domain??

- sam.

ps. for more - visit http://www.easttimor.com/    www.etan.org

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