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From "Robert Kemp" <>
Date Sat, 09 Oct 1999 15:28:07 EDT

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I do agree with Flint Jones' suggestion that the discussion of
for Jam Echelon Day should move to another list.
A vast majority of the preparations for this HAVE taken place outside the 

As I see it, the media aspects of Jam Echelon Day are over.  The alerts are 
out and they are being translated in a variety of languages.  The rest of 
the netizen community has already picked up the baton and run with it.  The 
only preparation left is the completion of the web site and that should be 
done within a day or two.

If anyone has any more ideas regarding Jam Echelon Day, they should email me 
personally, given the apparent consensus of the list.

By the way, you are right in that this is a media event, not an attempt to 
bring Echelon down.  I have no disillusions about that.

I will let the list know when the web site is completed.



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