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James: I'm sure that many of us, including myself, accepted your
explanation the first time you sent it. As an amateur journalist who
co-publishes a magazine with a circ of 15,000, I understand how
inaccuracies can creep into even the best reporting.

Take care. Thanks for writing the article.


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James Glave wrote:
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> Everyone,
> This is getting out of hand. Needlessly. My name is James Glave, and I am
> the reporter who wrote the article. I have signed this email with a PGP key.
> There is no conspiracy. I heard about Jam Echelon Day and I collected some
> opitnions about it fora short news story. Along the way, I bungled up the
> reporting -- including getting the date wrong --  and then corrected the
> story. I disclosed the correction in a note on the bottom of the story.
> It's still there. Please read it:
> There is no black helicopter parked on the roof at Wired News. I hope this
> is puts the matter to rest, and wish everyone a happy Jam Echelon Day.
> James Glave
> Wired News
> >Wow.  I just got an email from a guy (using a hotmail account with the
> >name "Robert Kemp") claiming to have originated the date of the Echelon day
> >and claiming not to know how to get ahold of me (BUT HE SENT ME AN EMAIL).
> >
> >Also, the article on Wired has *moved* (it isn't the lead story now)
> >*AND* it says the "jam echelon date" is *21* October instead of October 18.
> >
> >There is also now a *correction* stating that the "jam echelon day" was
> >started by the Activism List and that AJF didn't set the "jam echelon date"
> >and that "Wired regrets the error," however, I *repeatedly,* and in writing
> >had told the writer, James Glave, that I had never heard of a "jam echelon
> >day" and we had *nothing* to do with setting "Oct. 18" (or any other date).
> >I have all those emails.
> >
> >The writer of the article wrote to me, out of the blue.  The whole
> >things appears to have been a set up -- a propaganda piece to associate the
> >"jam echelon" effort with "militia" to discredit it (and me) and of course,
> >acting like Echelon "hasn't been proved to exist" which is, of course, utter
> >bullshit.
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