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From "Robert Kemp" <sensuant@hotmail.com>
Date Wed, 06 Oct 1999 20:13:39 EDT

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Ms. Thompson, you are misinformed.  This latest effort originated on a 
listserv about two weeks ago that you are not on.

How can I say for sure?

Because I was the one that proposed it to the group and I did not get the 
idea from anyone else.  I did it all by my lonesome [the initial idea anyway 
- suggestions followed].

Jam Echelon Day alerts have been circulating the globe for about two weeks 
and have been translated into French and German, perhaps more by now.  I 
don't know who told you that THEY had come up with the idea but I personally 
spent hours upon hours posting an alert written entirely by me in hundreds 
of internet forums.  Whoever is claiming credit for this ought not to be 
counted amongst those you trust, because it is a lie.

At any rate, I thank you for helping the idea to take root in as huge a 
forum as Wired News.

Nice job on The Big Lie, by the way.  The truly amazing thing about all of 
this [aside from just how much steam this effort has accumulated] is that I 
have been trying to hunt you down for ages, only because I cannot seem to 
find out how to order the video.  Could you help with that?




"To be truly radical, one must make hope
possible, rather than despair convincing."
- Raymond Williams

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