Jam echelon day

From david challender <dave@challender.demon.co.uk>
Date Sat, 16 Oct 1999 20:34:41 +0100

[: hacktivism :]

Benjamin Greer mentioned Bruce Schneider of Counterpane said hushmail
seemed OK algorithm wise & mentioned Bruce authored blowfish.

This jogged my mind:
With thoughts of echelon day in mind, ages ago I wrote a program based
on blowfish, that encrypts each character of a file to a word taken from
a user defined list (or the programs default one), giving you two
jollies in one to irritate the eavesdroppers with - encrypted message &
(using the default list) words which may get echelon buzzing.

I wrote the code as a bit of fun as a way of generating encrypted mails
full of "spook words".

 You can of course create your own word list of even more echelon
interesting text (only proviso is that spaces are separators so if you
wanted say "Nation of Islam" as a word on your list it would need to be
something like "Nation.of.Islam"  .

The website is totally out of date but this page is still intact:
http://www.challender.demon.co.uk/Download.html  and look for the
encryption /bfc bit.

Program is for Windows only, however if anyone wants source code (quite
easy for a "C" programmer to rip the windoze stuff out of it & port to
Linux or whatever), then email me & I will send it you.

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