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Each time press relate the attack of any system it's give  more reasons for
people to feel insecure and it's a good bargain for people who wants make
money with this fear. I think it's more a free advertising for a product or
a trademark or  a good reason for a state to product repressive laws.
I think the stake it's not in the form but in the content. The stake is
more in qualities and competences of anybody to put into shared space
instead against organizations.


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> [: hacktivism :]
> transparency at all levels displaces the rhetoric of security, cybercrime,
> and cyberterrorism that the new infowar_economies need to
> flow on....they need secrets in to order_to_function, they need
> encryption in order to command and control, they to
> break_the_law in order to enforce_the_law.
> The Guarded Sociey is bound by the narratives of covert realities.
> hacktivism should counter the narratives
> of security_states and stay hyper_transparent.
> "like ghosts......."
> --the zapatistas

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