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Date Thu, 23 Sep 1999 16:56:48 -0400
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Grugnog wrote:
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> Erm, the article didn't say anything about EDT...
> Incidentally you might not have realised that EDT had (IIRC) some funding
> from RTmark, so you are making a bit of a contradiction if you say you
> prefer RTmark projects to EDT (an RTmark project) :p
> That aside, I agree about the RTmark work, although I find their
> non-hacktivist work (e.g. Barbie L.F.) much more inspirational than most of
> their most recent net based actions (setting up fake websites dissing
> polititians). IMO they have missed the point, something like that only works
> as a media 'stunt' - the problem is that it has been done before and it just
> isn't original enough to capture the imagination of the front line net press
> (e.g. wired) and spread from there.

Right. I prefer the Barbie stuff over the any day of the
week. But at least with they created THEIR OWN parody site
and did something constructive to challenge intelelctual property laws.
The object of the parody, the moron known as GW Bush Jr, is incidental. 

On the other hand, pinging a server for hours is about as radical as
waving signs and chanting "We shall overcome" in front of an empty
Washington government building.

Been there, done that. Never again.

I'd like to see us talk more about what we can do creatively in
conjunction with the anti-WTO actions.


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