RE: WildWeb article (21/9/99)

From "Grugnog" <>
Date Wed, 24 Sep 1997 12:30:29 +0100
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> I'd like to see us talk more about what we can do creatively in
> conjunction with the anti-WTO actions.

Good plan, here's my 2 $ents - we need a brainstorm for things which:
a) Have educational, practical/tactical or disruptive value
b) Have media value. In terms of sparking genuine interest or
c) Have an art value
d) Allow anyone to join in with that haction, like Floodnet
e) Can be planned and enacted openly
e) Need to be done in close groups or as individuals for security reasons -
best keep them off list as obviously these will be harder to do if they are
publicly known.

An idea could involve one or more of the above, and could involve
_something_ that _somebody_ in the list disagreed with because of the issues
discussed previously (e.g. censorship, legal, ethical, ect). If we are going
to make this a practical discussion then the best thing would be to focus on
creating ideas, rather than putting them (and us) in a hiarachy.

- Grug

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