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From Bronc Buster <>
Date Wed, 8 Sep 1999 12:47:17 -0400 (EDT)
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> a few months ago, a group of hackers announced that they were going to
> attack Iraks & China's network; in response, several other important &
> respected groups of hackers told them it was bad manners and not a thing
> to do this way, & the first group finally apologized (excuse the bad
> coverage of this event, or eventual missing facts, but I only have a human
> memory)
> 'hacktivities' are generally checked and supported (or not) by other
> hacktivists, it's a kind of self-improvment mixed with self-regulation,
> that's what politics is also made for. There are no boundaries for
> hacktivists, but only problems. Technics are not the limits : humans, and
> ideas, are.

I know this isn't the place to be correcting facts, but this needs some
input. Last year I was in LoU, the group who, according to media outlits,
declaired a cyber war on China and Iraq. This was totaly FALSE. Thanks to
Dan Atkin, a reporter in Toronto Canada, who writes for the Toronto
Star(or national post ?), this story was totaly blown way out of scope.
This is something else we must be on the look out for, like the acticles
posted earlier to this list, that are just 100% pure BS and poor
reporting. Mr.Atkin had talked to several people via e-mail and IRC who
had told them such and such was taking place in China and Iraq. Mr.Atkin,
without trying to contact anyone in LoU or without verifying ANYTHING he
was told ran with the a front page story. It wasn't long before other
media outlits picked up on it (like Wired.Coms shoddy reporting on it) and
before you knew it, it was on CNN; a story about evil hackers waging war
on another country.

The other hacker groups who banded togeather to denounce this 'cyber war'
had taken the stories at face value as well, but after talking to us in
LoU, they quickly retracted that statements and went after the press
outlits who put out these false stories.

On a funny side note, the same people Mr.Atkin had talked to, who said
they were LoU, were infact members of the group 'gH', who were targets of
government raids lately for hacking into the pentagon, the whitehouse and
several other high profile systems. Several of them are not sitting in

Sorry for running off on this tanget, but this is still a sensitive topic
with me. Even though these people were shown their stories were false,
they never did retract them or correct anything.

   Bronc Buster

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