Re : Defining boundaries?

From "jmm" <>
Date Wed, 08 Sep 1999 14:38:41 +0100

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don't worry, be hacky ! (a mail for sceptics)

> Since each individual has their own heritage, their own ideals, and their own
> views on these matters they are bound to have their own take on what a
> 'hactivist' group should do. So here is a problem, which initiative to
> take? Where is the line drawn? Sadly, it seems to me that the answers
> to those questions become overly political.
a few months ago, a group of hackers announced that they were going to
attack Iraks & China's network; in response, several other important &
respected groups of hackers told them it was bad manners and not a thing
to do this way, & the first group finally apologized (excuse the bad
coverage of this event, or eventual missing facts, but I only have a human
'hacktivities' are generally checked and supported (or not) by other
hacktivists, it's a kind of self-improvment mixed with self-regulation,
that's what politics is also made for. There are no boundaries for
hacktivists, but only problems. Technics are not the limits : humans, and
ideas, are.
As hacktivist, you can solve problems, break some technical boundaries,
interact with others and share informations, go to see how Oztralians are
learning to protect themselves waiting for 'censorship', check hacker's
e-zines and websites, manage Back Orifice 2000, support Mitnick, EZLN and's projetcs, unless you want a complete revolution here and now
or want to solve what's going on in East Timor with your own PC (but
that's generally a little bit more difficult).
But at least, you'll have a positive and (h)ac(k)tiv way of using your
computer, and be part of the network. It's not so complex, it's
interesting, and useful.
The problem of this mailing list is less to know how to fight against
Indonesia or Microsoft with any kind of (legal or not) political activity
than learning what's really going on on different fields, and fights, and
being a link between differents hacktivists.
We come from so many different countries, organizations, ideals
(anarchists, activists, hackers, oz, north-americans, frenchies...), than
it wouldn't be a good point, I think, to compare the importance of
specific targets. Just let me know what's going on, and how, I want to
improve, I don't want to 'decide where to launch the next "virtualsit-in",
or which person to e-mail, or which organization to condemn', there are
specific sites, and mailing lists, for that.

CU m.

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