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> action here. One is the usual call for immediate armed UN intervention,
> the other (also expressed in some other comments attached to duplicates of
> these message which we have recieved), seems to say there are 'enough'
> guns in E.Timor and that more won't help, and that calls on economic
> boycotts and suspension of International loans. 

armed intervention is "physical censorship" - it will simply force the 
conflict underground ...

both examples of the same paradigm of enforcement

trade blockade is "economic censorship" -- also an example of the 
paradigm of enforcement

I have to conclude that we let them be!

This does not preclude us from being _EXTREMELY RUDE_ ... 

although if an individual or company wants to boycott, so be it - but 
let the individual choose - no state-sponsored intervention

it may well be that one particular shipment of computers or mobile 
phones, for example, provides the right person with the right tools 
at the right time to kick their barbaric ass right out of town.

I don't support the prohibition of export of strong encryption to Iraq, 
either - it just gives "them" more cause to resent "us"

Encryption doesn't kill people, people do ....

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