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> with Britian also pitching in. Meanwhile the Americans appear to be
> "kosovo'd out", and only promising logistical support, not real troop
> deployments. One wonders the value of the 'ANZUS' treaty if 
> the Americans
> manage to squib out of a _humanitarian_ effort, what hope of help for
> their allies in a real conflict? 

Well being one of those Americans and one of those ex-military (8 1/2 yrs
Air Force), I've got to say: Damn right we're "Kosovo'd out".  Since you are
from Australia you really wouldn't understand just how spread out our
military is.  We still provide the backbone that keeps Saddam in check and
we now have forces in Kosovo and Italy.  Right now the American public would
not understand us getting into yet another fight and stretching our home
forces to a thin line.  Do you people expect us to pick up the tab everytime
something bad happens in this world?  We're doing our part as the world
police force, its time for some of these other countries to pick up the

Even though my wife is Indonesian, we applaud what the Australians are

Kirk Troy
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eventually defeated and I want my troops
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