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Date Tue, 7 Sep 1999 00:38:20 +0800
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> I totally agree with this way of thinking and acting, and this is what i 
> would have liked to find and discuss on a list like this one.

> Pan jaimelm@umich.edu

me too <g> - so we need to find constructive, rather than 
destructive, ways of getting our business done.  This list is a step 
in the constructive direction.  There is wealth of repressed creativity 
right here on the list that is just yearning for an outlet.  The energy 
we share just needs to be channeled......

if more people would search on ARARAT ANOMALY, for example, 
things might get done.  MOD - 
http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/special/www_senate_gov.html - reckon 
they own NPIC, so find some more photos, purlease!

wot?  well, the CIA said 

         "...we located records which appeared to be responsive to 
that request, but
         determined that they had to be denied in their entirety..." as 
they are
         "...classified pursuant to an Executive order in the interest of 
national defense or
         foreign policy..."  (ref: CIA F97-0933) 

so perhaps our Masters of Downloading can get the gear anyway??

are you hardcore???

speaking of searching, does anyone actually use Alta Vista, Lycos 
etc anymore?  They seem kinda redundant when we have 
metasearch engines.  I'm including the list below in case 1) people 
don't have them and 2) there are some more I don't have.


We're talking FOIA, DIA, spy satellite imagery, sodium morphate, 
and control number NWDNC-263-COR3.  Soviet servers like 
www.spin-2.com may have better pictures... and be more co-
operative... if you ask with your nice hacktivist hat on.

There's a cause.  Go get 'em.

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