Re: HateWatch Press Release: Activism vs Hacktivism

From Parsifal <>
Date Mon, 6 Sep 99 16:16:43 +0300

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><< >We have to remember, as hacktivists, that there is a clear difference
> >between censorship and denying platform for hate.
> you speak as politicians .....if all platforms are denied, it is a 
> censorship by suppressing means of expression. >>
>Correct. Like I've said before, everyone deserves first amendment 
>rights...the trick is to get your message out louder and clearer than the 
>message of your opponent.

And you don't do this by hacking the sites of your opponents.
You do this by organizing a better and louder propaganda for your cause.
Clever hacktivists should speak to people.

There is no difference between the promotion of a brand name and the 
promotion of a political cause.
Both need to have their messages sent (and understood) to the largest 

Hacktivists should learn to manipulate media, not to promote racist or 
anti-gay causes, as it is today the case, (the side-effects of their 
hackings), but to promote their own causes.


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