The brands of hacktivism

From Stefan Wray <>
Date Tue, 31 Aug 1999 21:12:07 -0500
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The brands of hacktivism
S. Wray

As the discussion over whether those issuing calls for what amounts to
hacktivity against the Indonesian government in the wake of the East Timor
autonomy vote illustrates, hacktivism is not confined to the left, not
confined to anarchism, not confined to progressive politics. Hacktivism,
then, reflects more a tactic and methodology and its definition seems to be
divorced from any political ideology or belief system. So, we might want to
ask the question: what brand of hacktivism is this list devoted to? My
guess is that there aren't any rightwingers on this list. Nor are there
probably very many statists. But I bet there are some anarcho-hacktivists.

My guess is that we on this list include anarcho-hacktivists,
eco-hacktivists, radical-hacktivists, zapatismo-hacktivists, etc.

Remember that the so-called right-to-lifers, the anti-abortionists, adopted
the tactics of civil disobedience. Just are there are rightwing activists
of all stripes, there will be (and are) rightwing variants of hacktivism.
So anti-authoritarian don't own the copyright to hacktivism.

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