Re: Timorese 'hacktivists' warn of revenge

From super deformed <>
Date Tue, 31 Aug 1999 15:25:29 +1000

[: hacktivism :] says:

>In regards to Bronc on the 'hacktivists:' It's all in the eye of the
>beholder. Regardless of whether or not they are full of empty threats (I
>personally believe that), I believe you are confusing 'terrorists' with
>'anarchists.' These people are doing what they can to overthrow the
>government (good luck) - not hurt people.

i believe you are confusing 'anarchists' with 'pro-independence 

as i see it, anarchists desire the destruction of government as an 
institution, including with it the mindset of authority and power. 

to overthrow the current government (indonesian rule) to replace it with 
another government (east timorese rule) is not anarchism.

apologies for nit-picking. 

_ emile


ps. three cheers for this new list!


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