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Date Mon, 30 Aug 1999 22:38:48 -0400
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jesse hirsh wrote:

> - stupid article by erik heinrich ends here

Thank god. That was lame. Convergence? Happened years ago.

> so here's my question to you the reader:
> should we (as a group or as a list) be countering this tripe? should we go
> silent as this crap is flooded through the mainstream? any thoughts?

Well, it's pretty obvious that the article mentions activists and
anarchist using the Internet in the same breath as it talks about
cracker stuff. No evidence is presented to connect the two.


Folks, we can try and be rational in response and try and send press
releases out, but in the end, the boss press and their commisars can say
anything they want about us. Over a hundred years ago they made up stuff
about the Haymarket anarchists, now they insinuate that we are involved
with breaching computer systems.

That would be a waste of our time. They shouldn't look at me, I can't
even install Gimp on my Linux partition at work.

So, what are the options? The best one is to show by example what our
goals are. We need to get more activist groups and community groups on
our servers. Having the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty on the TAO
server is a good start. So when we do get bad press and the journalists
provide our names and hopefully our URLs, the public can decide for

Another option would be to play unfair like them. Spread rumors about
organizations involved with "computer security." Tell all of your
friends about how Hotmail got hacked this past weekend. This spreads
mistrust of the corporate Utopia that they want to convert the Internet

And help me keep filtering out of libraries. This is the most insidious
thing the ruling class and their commisars are doing to marginalize
alternative voices.


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