From Flint Jones <>
Date Fri, 27 Aug 1999 11:18:41 -0400 (EDT)
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Are we archiving this list?
We should.  Partially for reference, and it would probably discourage us
from trying to assume that this is somehow private or secure information.
I've already seen a number of good posts the short time I've been
subscribed (since yesterday)... and have my own little piece coming soon
on Hacktivism-ECD.  Like several of you, I have a lot of criticisms about but not so much because of the illegality of Denial of
Services; but rather its effectiveness;  I think eventually the media hype
around it will die down and it will loose even that bit of usefulness
since the media thinks is a novelty.  Not to discount the work,
EDT has already done... but I think in particular the "virtual occupation"
of websites and DoS attacks to public websites will continue to be less
effective.  Certainly, EDT activities have managed to gain alot of
attention for the Zapatistas in venues and outlets that otherwise have no
idea about some peasant revolutionaries in a state in Mexico they couldn't
find on a map...  but I think its a blind alley.  Ironically, probably the
Rand corporation has done as much to help publicize the Zapitistas and
hacktivism as any of us... mainly by screaming that the Sky is Falling; I
tend to think maybe its the Ground that is rising.



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