Re: Oil companies above the law

From steve jenson <>
Date Thu, 1 Mar 2001 17:20:09 -0800

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Sniper Wrote:

> Oil companies do not thonk they are above the law, they know they are
> above the law. Why? Because they are hand in hand with the first world
> goverments who are interested in a supply of oil to keep the economy
> going. It's simple, the oil co's get immunity from the law, and the
> governments get their precious black life-blood.

One of the uglier lies perpetuated today is that the US is at the mercy
of OPEC. This simply isn't true, OPEC is only allowed what appears to
be free reign because it suits the interest of US-based multinational
corporations. The brunt of high oil prices are passed on to those of us
who use gas (all of us indirectly). If those prices couldn't be passed
on to us, I doubt we'd think about OPEC anymore as it wouldn't exist. But
OPEC serves as a good scapegoat to our short-sighted media.

The oil barons still bow to the US, we've proven what we'll do if our
allies cross us. Nicaragua and Iraq proved these points well.  Noriega and
Hussein were both in quite good graces with the US even while commiting
crimes against their own people.  And we didn't care that Hussein was
murdering Kurds and gassing his own people until he started going against
the interests of the US.

Therefore, the US isn't at the mercy of OPEC and neither are it's citizens,
but it's citizens *are* hostages of the US gov't. Then again, who didn't
know that?


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