Re: Oil companies above the law

From Che Guevara <>
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2001 02:04:06 -0500

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Are we to assume then, Sniper, that you heat your home by windpower, and you
either ride a bike or take public transit to work?

Activism starts at home, and until we change our own habits, and extricate
ourselves as much as possible from dependancy on oil, we are part of the

>From: sniper <> Reply-To: To:
> Subject: Oil companies above the law Date: 28 Jan 2001
>12:25:07 -0000
>Oil companies do not thonk they are above the law, they know they are above
>the law. Why? Because they are hand in hand with the first world goverments
>who are interested in a supply of oil to keep the economy going. It's
>simple, the oil co's get immunity from the law, and the governments get
>their precious black life-blood.

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