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Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 07:05:55 +0200

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  17 November vs. Greek Police, CIA and ECHELON.
The story briefly described as:
CIA and the police of Greece tried to locate and arrest some
terrorists-members of the "17 November" group which acts mainly in Greece
many years...they managed to do that by placing transmitters in 3
rockets...these rockets had power to destroy a very good secured
building..(such as the America embassy of Greece!:)...now the rockets were
distributed in the "undergroun weapon-market" of Greece and were bought from
(not ensured yet if he was a 17 November terrorist)one suspect....the
rockets with the transmitters as you imagine were spotted with 100% success
from the echelon satellite system at Valtetsiou street in Athens....but when
the agents of CIA together with policemen of Greece blocked the area around
Valtetsiou street and started searching for the rockets in the house were
have been spotted from echelon...they were REALLY surprized!!!! they found
the three rockets in a big trash-can!!!  so they arrest my balls!!!
I am very happy to know that some people know how to fool Echelon!!
According to what I read here I thought that Echelon was the Biggest
...the police of Greece has made also a cooperation with KGB...it is known
that the KGB file has many information about the act of 17 November mainly
in 80's......


- Xabales Cyberxamos

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