Thoughts on Security

From James Sinclair <>
Date Tue, 9 Jan 2001 14:13:33 -0800

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I am running an analyse article on the following product areas.....perhaps u
can tell me or point me in the direction as to where to look.... the main
subjects include. The aim is to discuss current technology, and the future
of these area for both the consumer and the corporation.
1. Managed security
2. Firewalls (checkpoint)
3. Authentification (RSA, Baltimore)
4. Virus Checking (Baltimoe's mimesweeper)
5. Network security (Cisco, Nokia)

In relation to the above I am looking for info as to
1. how big the mkts are
2. how fast they are growing
3. how fast they will grow
4. who are the leaders
5. why do they have a lead: tech? product? distribution? skillset? little
competiton from others? reputation? cross-product ability?
6. is the company able to migrate skills from an existing area into a new

I appreciate that this si no "quick question" e-mail however I am sure it
will provide a source of debate and information many of us do not know much


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