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yeah, but will protestors get arrested for carrying palms...?


Soft Skull, with the Help of, Creates Ground-breaking New Hybrid
of Technology and Political Action!

Revolutionary media organization Soft Skull today announces the launch of
"The Resistance" a community group on, the site that creates
community through simple text group messaging to wireless devices. "The
Resistance" is set to become an essential communication tool at upcoming
protests against Bush's inauguration on January 20th, in Washington D.C.
Historically, this will be the first time a group of protestors in the
street will be able to communicate with each other using  new wireless,
group email technology.

According to the description at
all wireless device users can now join a group that broadcasts and provides
a platform for "Updates on breaking-news, community activism and new forms
of political action in New York City and beyond." The description goes on
to point out, "The cell phone had historic importance at last year's
protests against the WTO in Seattle. Mobile devices empower spontaneous
social, cultural and political community. Use of The Resistance will debut
at the protests against the Inauguration of Bush in Washington, D.C. on
January 20, 2001."

Soft Skull's founder and CEO Sander Hicks today said,

"Unlike the wired internet, wireless group messaging is human interaction
in a kinetic, exterior world. This is communication blended with street
wisdom, it's new technology combined with the spirit of adventure, real
life, action, movement, and spontaneity."

Hicks and Soft Skull are currently working with radical political coalition
Direct Action Network with plans to join an estimated 10,000 others to
protest what many feel was the unfair election of George W. Bush.

"When we're on the ground in DC, we'll be able to communicate en masse and
report to each other what's going on, and where. When I heard that the
authorities in DC have made groups of more than 25 illegal, that struck me
as unconstitutional, paranoid and wrong. I want the people taking a stand
for real democracy to be able to communicate and organize," said Hicks.

The group was launched at 3:30, yesterday, 1.8.01. Only two hours later, 10
people had signed up to receive messages.

"This is a wing-doozer of a wireless group, watch out," said Casey Van
Maanen, Senior Manager, Business Development at Upoc today. "Soft Skull is
an ideal grassroots case for the Upoc platform, having the kind of devoted
following and intelligent content so crucial to any community."

To join the group, you only need a cell phone, or any other wireless
device, such as Palms, Visors, or 2-way pagers. Anyone can see the group's
description and sign-up page at:

About Soft Skull-

Soft Skull won "Outstanding Independent Press of the Year" this past June
at the Firecracker Alternative Book Awards. Soft Skull's hip-hop activist
title, "No More Prisons" by William Upski Wimsatt also won the FAB for Best
Book: Politics. Soft Skull was the subject of media celebration last year
for its controversial decision to republish "Fortunate Son: George W. Bush
and the Making of an American President" by J.H. Hatfield.

About Upoc-

Upoc is a mobile communications platform for the creation of group
messaging using any wireless device. Incubated at Ericsson Cyberlab and
founded by Gordon Gould, former President and COO of Silicon Alley Reporter
and Digital Coast Reporter, Upoc has Assembled more than 40 professionals
in wireless technology, branding, market research, new media business
alliances and ad sales from respected companies such as MTV, iTurf,
Organic, Time Magazine and France Telecom.

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