Re: Warzael's Rant (Was Living in the mind of Big Brother)

From Heather <>
Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 12:49:31 -0000

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When you 2 have finished having your little flame war, can we get back on
topic to something to do with activism? In the meantime if its going to
degenerate much farther could you (please) do the rest of us a favour and
take it off line? Both sides get burnt in flame wars and I find them almost
irresistible despite (or maybe because of ) their negativity. Anyone
actually finding this one fascinating, enlightening or relevant? I do know
how to operate the delete button, thanks, but others on the list might
prefer to unsubscribe and it's always a shame for a list to loose members
because of egotistical little tiffs like this.

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Subject: Warzael's Rant (Was Living in the mind of Big Brother)
> Keep in mind these are just my opinions, not that of HBPPM itself.
> Your first misunderstanding, Raschid, is assuming I am talking about

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