Re: chaos baby

Date Tue, 14 Nov 2000 11:10:06 +0100 (MET)

[: hacktivism :]

Thanks Chaman,

 I was beginning to think the list had decided only to post pointless
three-line rants or gobbeldigook with ... lots ... of ... senseless pauses.

I think the connection between what you say about communities and the list
topic of hacktivism (that IS still the topic, isn't it?) becomes clear if
we include community-builders into the group of so-called hacktivist. Not
just hackers and political ranters but those individuals who actually go to
great length to create real and virtual locations for discussion, organisation
and decision-making. It's all very well putting out a new flooding tool or a
website with you views on everything and nothing, but I say three cheers
for all the community action groups, event organisation lists and message
boards that are springing up all over the place and GETTING PEOPLE INVOLVED,
rather than just broadcasting a message of discontent.

jjf [2 j's, 1 f ;-) ]

P.S.: If anyone is thinking of going to the Zelig conference in Paris next
month, maybe you would like to get in touch and we could meet in real space
for a chat.

> Hello all,
> Well the democracy can't work in massive community like we know actualy,
> but
> it will work by itself on little community. Our massive community
> (states)
> is a real problem, they generate a lots of problems, one of the biggest

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