Big Brothers Are Watching You

From Shiv Timberwolf <>
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2000 09:12:33 -0700 (PDT)

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Somebody mentioned a quick thing about us being
watched, and I thought I might take this moment to
break into the conversation.
What people these days don't really realise is that we
are being monitored more than we would like to
One obvious example is the phone lines, everyone who
cares knows that in Europe all the phone conversations
are monitored and if you mention certain words the
conversation is immediately logged, and sent off to
the US. Yes, that's right, the US. Can anyone explain
why US government feels they have a right to hear
conversations of EU citizens, or why EU governments
are bending over backward for the so-called
super-power? Well anyways, the government will then
tap your phone for a certain period of time and log
ALL the conversations. You will also be put under
specal observaillence (Scuse the spelling).
But that is not all...From the moment you are born you
are not just monitored in as much as all the major
events in your life are recorded (medical records,
criminal records, children, marriages / divorces) and
probably a lot of the smaller things too (although I
am not as sure of this), but you are classified as a
number. Your social security number. All they have to
do (They being any high enough ranking member of
government of one fo the super powers) is type in your
number and they will soon know more about you than
your own mother.
The same goes for Internet. And I'm not just talking
about the Web (Everyone involved in Hacking, Piracy,
or Anarchy will have noticed the sudden disappearance
of related web pages) but all Internet realted things.
Hell, even this email will be logged. And if you think
that you are safe, think again. They will surely be
monitering this list, and will know quite a lot about
each of the membrs. Why? Because we are the
"Cyber-terrorists" We are those who could cause really
big problems for the government. But that I will talk
about another time.
Another good example is if you are an active racist in
your home country and you visit another you WILL be
monitored by the equivalent of the Special Devision in
that country.
If you go to a chemical store and but certain
chemicals (For example to make ammonium-triiodide, a
super sensative tactile-activated explosive) your
purchasing of a certain mix of chemicals means you
will be monitored for possible terrorist activities.
The same goes for borrowing certain books form the
library. You could take out Mein Kampf, Chemicals for
Explosives, or any nomber of tagged books and you
would suffer the same monitoring.
But is is not just US that is doing this (Although we
know that the US is trying very hard to do it in all
countries worldwide and only China seems to have the
guts to stand up to them) but all the super powers do
it.(Although, as I have said, some of them seem to
pass the information on to US).
So next time you use the word privacy, think very hard
about exactly how private your life is...

Freedom of speech, as long as you don't say anything
They don't like.

Shiv Timberwolf

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