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Date Wed, 27 Sep 2000 21:12:38 +0100

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Yes Tom,

It's pretty obvious that they don't REALLY care, because if they did 
then they would have DONE SOMETHING to fix things.  But 
instead they trot out the prohibitionist approach that didn't work in 
the 1930's and certainly won't work now - with alcohol or any other 
kind of drug, pornography or any other kind of information, guns or 
any other kind of tool.

It is impossible to STOP anything.  Everything is only ever partially 
successful.  Perfection is an illusion - the environment changes 
faster than any "solution" can evolve.  Life exists *because* it has 
the propensity to adapt to obstacles.  That means that EVERY law 
or rule that tries to PREVENT anything will ALWAYS exacerbate 
the problem -- because that problem will make it a mission to 
overcome that law or rule.  The same is true of bacteria (eg. multi-
drug-resistant-organisms such as some strains of stapholoccocus 
(sp!!!) found in mainly in hospitals (WHAT MORE PROOF DO YOU 
NEED), trees on the roadside, and any other living system.

What does not kill you, makes you stronger ..... necessity is the 
mother of invention ...... translation: adversity encourages 
innovation .... pruning prompts growth.  

This paradigm of adaptation is exploited by the NWO in other 
areas, such as the stealth bomber, therefore they are not blind to 

Therefore, all this misery is intentional...... it was a sad day for me 
when I realised there really was a struggle between good and evil, 
that there were massive, well-entrenched systems designed purely 
to wring from people their toil, in exchange for nothing...... except 
hurt, ugliness, and death.  No, they Really Don't care... here's what 
a prominent Judge recently said about "them" ...

"Second, there is credible evidence in the record to suggest that 
[they] ... continue to do business as ... in the 
past ... [they] have shown no disposition to 
voluntarily alter [their] ... protocol in any 
significant respect. [They] have proved 
untrustworthy in the past. In earlier 
proceedings ... [they] were illusory and [their] 
explanation disingenuous."

Vote [1] Liars, cheats, thieves and murderers.  

It's easy to tell who to trust - are they nice people, or not?  Do they 
GIVE, or do they TAKE?  Do they LET, or do they FORCE?  A 
giver who lets is trustable.  All other combinations are Evil.


Hysteria is a divide and conquer tactic.. it turns people on 

But at the end of the day the writing is on the wall for [them].  We 
have more IDEAS than them, and we ALWAYS will.  That is 
because we CHERISH creativity, rather than attempting to stifle it.  
They have but a machine, which cannot adapt.  We, on the other 
hand, have a life.... we can do anything.... because We are teh 
dreamers of dreamZ.



>  Or maybe they really aren't
> worried about kids at all & are just worried about $, control and
> censorship....

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