RE: HBPPM Extend

From jaundice frijoles <>
Date Fri, 8 Sep 2000 12:22:41 -0400

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As I have not given much input on the subject, be assured that I am for the
most part sitting back agreeing with you 110% on the ideas submitted from
you all on the topic of the HBPPM. The only thing I see it lacking at this
point is some kind of real time communications forum, therefore I propose we
start an irc channel called #hbppm (efnet, unless anyone opposes). Maybe
have some kind of newsletter type of publication sent out periodically via
email for those who can't spend time sitting in on the channel all the time,
and also to help sum up the progress of the HBPPM. I can tell that there is
a wealth of knowledge & skill contained in the collective mind of the
subscribers of this list. Let us capitalize on that.


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