Re: real changes

From Heather <>
Date Sun, 17 Sep 2000 11:09:06 -0700

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Quite a surprise to learn you're only 13!!!!!-obviously more mature and
aware than I was at that age-thanks for instigating a more lively discussion
than normally seen on this list, personally I don't think you are
underestimating the problem, pornography of any nature is very influential
(see Eysencks Sex, Violence and the Media- a psychologists well researched
book on the subject) and however anyone feels about censoring (Visceroth) I
don't give a damn about "principles" if you're 10 year old daughter had been
gang raped for a child porn movie you'd want the death sentance brought back
for the bastards never mind censorship and you'd be either a liar or
emotional mutant if you said different.
As for advertising Echelon, I got inundated with e-mails from 5 unrelated
NVDA groups, like Gen-X, Ploughshares,EF! etc., when Jam Echelon was on and
the same is happening about Carnivore. The search words Echelon uses are
still on my website at and on checking my
stats those keywords rank amongst the most common ones used to search on
searches that spot my site!!!
love Heather

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