RE: real changes

From Andrea Levinge <>
Date Mon, 18 Sep 2000 17:02:12 +0800

[: hacktivism :]

:-) Thanks, Heather.

I read about Echelon. Excellent articles on that website.

Did you know Brits are captured on on public surveillance cameras at least
60 times a day? Now e-mail... how about just dancing around on the street
naked? That'll offer us the same sort of 'privacy'.

Carnivore is prone to some pretty hefty problems - especially in America
where tonnes of commercial info is sent by e-mail. Who's to say that the ISP
dweebs can't just nick and copy the program and literally make havoc?
Any leads on how Carnivore's program is set up? Do they search by keyword?
Subject line? The whole message?
Why don't they get a court order first (or at least a special warrant that
isn't easy to get their hands on) before installing Carnivore into ISPs?
Interesting how the FBI didn't tell anyone. There must be a lot of gunk they
keep under wraps.

I'm keeping a few clippings of missing kids just in case...if I spot any of
them on the Internet (doubt it, I hear faces are blurred) I'll let everyone


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