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From Andrea Levinge <>
Date Sat, 16 Sep 2000 11:12:05 +0800

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I suppose I got caught up a little in the hysteria.

I thought the problem was a large one, that kid porn was omni-present over
the Net. Being my age, (I just turned 13) I wasn't thinking how much of that
stuff was in circulation. Looking at all the e-mails, that perhaps I was
erroneous. Or just misled. I believe that if I can help out in some way, I
will and shall.

The reason I joined this group was this: I wanted to change the way people
think digitally. I wanted to see how this changed, and I guess I wanted to
help. People just don't wake up one day, and say, " I understand the digital
frontier perfectly now, etc...I understand why people hack, I understand
Carnivore, blablabla" A lot of stuff goes behind the scenes. I suppose it's
up to us to let them know, or at least take a little action when neccessary.

Who publicized Eschelon last year? I hear some peeps tried to keep it under

About Carnivore: Thumbs up to Cerf. I'd hate to see a couple of ISP nerds
get their hands on it.

I'll support the HBPPM as much as I can.
Would anyone object to me putting up a link to Hacktivism on my website?

As you say: Seize the day.

Thank you for listening,
Andrea Levinge

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