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From Visceroth <>
Date Thu, 7 Sep 2000 18:29:10 -0500

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One of the major points of the Hacktivist Bureau of Public Perception
Management is that, whilst providing an excellent vehicle through which to
furher the aims of Hacktivism, also parodies and mocks the Government's
whose polices we so abhor. Therfore I have modeled it loosely on the very
agencies which would oppress us. Hence the "Bureau". The basis of the
Organisational Matrix is that each section is responsible for different
areas, all interlinked, whilst all striving towards a common goal. To
achieve this goal they must act within their areas whilst maintaining
communications to an optimal level.This can be achieved by having everyone
communicating with everyone else all the time, at *least* once a week. I ammore than willing to take the leadership of the HBPPM by the reigns, as
Zoescanner suggested (thank you Zoescanner I am quite humbled by your
opinion of me :-) ), however leadership in this instance must only provide
directions. Everyone is equal. Nothing is true everything is permissable.
So we must permit everyone equal rank whilst those with vision may provide
guidance. I founded this organisation/group with the intentions of
restoring some form of glory to our predilection of justice and social
equity through neospace. (Neospace is the term I use for "cyberspace", the
term "cyberspace" has too many negative connotations and as good
semanticists we should be avoiding tag words like that). As the Mentor
pointed out in his now (in)famous manifesto, Online you are judged by
thoughts and actions, and nothing else. This is an ideal we too, should
uphold, so our members should be judged kindly. As to the question of Big
Brother, well, we know that it is a reality through Echelon and
Carnivore(that'll have this E-mail flagged...) and other such systems, and
we are fighting it on one front.

That enough info TheCause? ; )


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