RE: Choke Carnivore Day

From mark ~ roth <>
Date Thu, 7 Sep 2000 17:33:40 -0700

[: hacktivism :]

as I understand this beast, this would be tricky....

...only if you know they are plugging in carnivore to your ISP to track
someone. otherwise it isnt on.

they drop a machine into the server room at the isp used by a target, then
it monitors all target traffic -- of a specific individual...  and
supposedly ignores everyone else at that ISP, but of course, we never know
who the wiretap is really there for or what the machine does while hooked

the carnivore machine is kept under tight lock and key and the fed guys come
in periodically and pull the Diskdrive out and swap in another one whenver
it gets full of data. the ISP people cant get to it or touch it supposedly.

But, given knowledge that someone in particular is being targeted at a
specific ISP, it would then be possible to increase the flow of messages
tracked, fill the databank, posssible overflow the beast,etc...

Interesting idea.

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