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Date Tue, 15 Aug 2000 22:32:51 -0700 (PDT)

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Good points, Ben...
rpls tacked on below...

--- Ben Earnhart <>
> individualistic.  So what if
> you shut down the FBI website for a few
> minutes? So what if you deface a
> website that is restored in 15 minutes to a few
> hours?  Big deal.  

. ** Partly right here...Add to it that Kev did
do some wrong..he stole.
Not the info but those electronics... 
& that was not wise. (stupid,Kev..really stupid.)
While he did acknoledge it, the time he got was
& the fees even more insane...
((I still have Free Kev on my webpages& they will
stay there until he can live a normal life
again...As far as i can see he is still in
prison...just has a bigger cell...Kev cant breath
without someone measuring his air intake..))
Methinks the free Kev campain was good in another
way...besides showing solidarity,
It brought the absurdity of his (and others)
treatment to the public's attention...
And recruited some that may not have ever joined
us otherwise. 
Given time these newbies evolve into usefull
productive Hactivists...some do anyway.**

> sure did not help.  Note that
> both issues here involved large numbers of
> participants, not the
> hack-this-hack-that individualism of the "Free
> Kevin" issue.  

**Hands down, an effort for the benifit of a
great number of humanity is of course a better
effort than a publicity stunt act.
I will not get into the etoy debate again..that
one is not in this Human Rights catagory So it
pales in comparason...**

> What I think we need, is to have a way to
> engage a large number of people
> in a way that can cause social change. 
> Obviously, ordinary organizational
> tactics for change are enhanced by modern
> technology, but so are the
> tactics for maintaining the status quo.  Gotta
> stay ahead of the Man, gotta
> get to his tools before he does.  
** Exactly. But what would that be?. 
What we need first is a means of communicating
that is secure from prying eyez..
((and, while im at it..I also wish for 
whirrled peas & an end to suffering..)) 
Sorry...but that's how impossible it feels. do we stop all the silly infighting &
petty squabbleing that is so detrimental to our

I know I know..Talk is cheap...but I have not
come up with anything else yet either.
No magik prog or titanium code ..
jus trying to keep ppl together is not easy..I am
no leader.
 More like a recruiter/herder.
& with all the fussing,I am beginning to feel
like a sheepdog. Arf!

Only thing im sure of is I got Someone's
attention..every webpage I put up goes down
immediately if not sooner. 
I write & I write...most are intended to be
thought provoking & informative on vital issues &
disturbing incidents. 
So..Must be those scathing letters I write by the
tons to BB's in WTO & or law enforcement offence
agencies. Perhaps something I said to GOV about
their arrogant incompetence ..I stepped on
someones toes too hard. too bad. I take nothing
back & have no regretts. 
Their latest trend is downright scary. How can we
just stand by?
 I cant. I wont.

My toolbox is full...where is the party?
Time is growing short...We are ready. 
All dressed up with no place to go? 
I am not afraid anymore.
My back is against the proverbial wall.
Somebody pick a party. Pick a date. we will be
there.Ready to dance.
Lets Rock.**



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