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>[note, the posting below is only about 2/3 thought out, sending it anyway,
>since a full thinking might make it too late to be relevant... call me an
>Ent who hasn't fully put down roots]
*g*  thanx for this, most informative

i've just dashed out a few comments/questions that have come straight to
mind...i may re-reply later after some more thought ;)
>If you cannot either:  1) grab (preferably positive) attention to your
>issue, or 2) hit them in the pocketbook or the voting booth, then you did
>little or nothing. 

this was the thinking which made me steer away from Free Kevin in the first
place...well, this and the perception I had reading the Kevin stuff that it
was never a 'movement' per se, but rather a disjoined group who just
happened to be moving in vaguely the same direction.
>I think that the two most important moments (so far) in hacktivism are the
>Zapatista incident and associated activities with the EDT [thus involving
>governments and the creation of at least some public attention which
>hopefully influenced governmental policy], and the etoy(s) incident [thus
>involving industry and real money]. 

but is it a criteria of hacktivism that it impacts in votes or finances?
or can it be a goal of hacktivism just to draw attention to an issue?  or a
combination or both?

>The CDC and/or the HKB had some interesting ideas and/or initiatives that
>involved individualistic hacking in ways that might positively affect many
>people re: China, but so far, as far as I have seen, have come to nothing.
>Could be wrong though, might be shit that just doesn't hit the news I read.  

or could it be that because of the lack of reliable info sources in China,
we haven't heard of what sort of effect HKB's are having?  just a thought

>What I think we need, is to have a way to engage a large number of people
>in a way that can cause social change.  
mobilise for social movement?  do you want to mobilise just the technically
literate or everyone?

in my research so far, I'm getting the feeling that there is this barrier
between the info haves and have-nots

Obviously, ordinary organizational
>tactics for change are enhanced by modern technology, but so are the
>tactics for maintaining the status quo.  Gotta stay ahead of the Man, gotta
>get to his tools before he does.       

become a techno-aristocracy?  survive through superior command of
information and skills? 

or re-appropriating and redefining technologies like in the case of the
early internet?

or something else entirely?  its an interesting idea, one that I keep
coming across  
>I could be wrong, and probably am, but I call's 'em as I see's 'em until I
>stand corrected.  enjoy my thoughts, and/or please disagree with them in an
>intelligent way.

don't know if that up there constitutes an intelligent reply -- rather my
rambling thoughts.

certainly giving me ideas, thanx

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