Re: security software: InTether

From lsi <>
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2000 19:13:37 +0100

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Several companies make products that "security erase" your drive.  
They first overwrite it with strings of random bits, then they erase 

This not the securest method, however.  The securest method of 
erasing a hard drive is taking is apart and using the platters as 
drinks coasters.  Or otherwise physically destroying the media.

I read an article yesterday about how NIST have developed a 
machine that can see multiple layers of data sitting on a drive.  They 
can go past the format you did and see what used to be there.  The 
FBI is using prototypes. :-)

Ontrack are one of the most respected hard drive people in the biz.


> > I Got a question about this: if there´s no software to raelly
> > "clean" the harddisk of information, What about overwritting all the
> > harddisk or formatting it? Does any trace of information stays
> > "alive"? Maybe is a obvious question but is something I have it
> > cleared. Thanks
> > 
> A company called "Ontrack" claimed that they were capable of reading
> datas on drive after several format.

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