Rot13 tranlation

Date Fri, 14 Jul 2000 02:30:54 -0700 (PDT)

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Here's a translation of Lorax's message for those of
you who need one, the key was of course to ROTate each
character by 13 through the alphabet. A technique
often credited to Julius Ceasar (hence Ceasar cypher):

V xabj guvf vf fbeg bs purrml, ohg V pna'g guvax bs
nal cyngsbez gung qbrfa'g unir
I know this is sort of cheesy, but I can't think of
any platform that doesn't have

n ebg13 cebtenz ninvynoyr, naq vg zvtug or n sha naq
rnfl jnl gb uryc znxr gur cbvag.
a rot13 program available, ano it might be a fun and
easy way to help make the point.

Prnfre plcuref ner cerggl pynffvp, naq ebg guvegrra vf
dhvgr genqvgvbany ba hfrarg
Ceaser cyphers are pretty classic, and rot thirteen is
quite traditional on usenet

naq va bgure sbehzf jurer cynva grkg vf hajnagrq, ohg
jurer rapelcgvba jbhyq or 
and in other forums where plain text is unwanted, but
where encryption would be

veevgngvat.  Yvxr sbe vafgnapr, n choyvp znvyvat yvfg
yvxr unpxgvivfz.  
irritating.  Like for instance, a public mailing list
like hacktivism.

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